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The Best Huawei Phones Of 2019


Although this suggests that Huawei phones ought to still receive application and security updates within the short term, within the long run, the case is a smaller amount clear. This makes it laborious to suggest shopping for Huawei devices (particularly the costlier premium models) at this stage.

Potential solutions embody Huawei developing and cathartic its own ASCII text file software system, and its own apps – as is finished by Apple – bypassing its users' got to run Google's apps within the initial place. Given the turbulent and ever-changing relationship with the federal government, it is a safe bet that it's taking these steps as we have a tendency to speak, even though just as a preventative live.

Of course, one in all the key merchandising points of Huawei’s high-end handsets is that the quality of its cameras, and if you are one in all the various folks considering obtaining one chiefly due to this, it's doable that these latest developments will not amendment your mind.


As Huawei’s phones aren’t formally offered within the U.S.A., this post is principally aimed toward readers in Europe, wherever Huawei has seen tremendous success in recent years, and different elements of the planet wherever their phones square measure promptly offered and packaged with monthly tariffs by major mobile operators. Huawei users in China, wherever Google’s services square measure for the most part blocked anyway, are largely unaffected.

In the UK, carriers engineering and Vodaphone have each born plans to supply the Huawei Mate X 5G from their lineup of devices which can access their coming 5G mobile networks. EE’s parent company, BT, aforesaid this was as a result of its unsure what level of support it'll be ready to provide within the future to their customers UN agency get Huawei handsets through them.

Should You Still Buy A Huawei Phone?

Huawei Technologies is facing an on the spot take a look at of Google’s move to curtail some business with the Chinese telecoms big within the wake of it being placed on a USA blacklist, as its budget complete Honor prepares to launch a replacement French telephone model within the kingdom on Tues.

The Chinese company has not nonetheless modified plans for the grand launch of the Honor 20 Series on May 21 in London, that comes ten days previous the revealing of a similar product within the domestic market in Shanghai on May 31, aforesaid 2 individuals conversant in the matter. The two, who needed to stay anonymous because the info is personal, side that the launch set up may amendment at any time.



Our company was born in Spain in February 2004 in order to offer services in telephony such as mobile phone release, software updates, resets, repairs, and solutions of all kinds that have to do with mobile telephony.


As with Samsung phones, Huawei devices run Google’s robot software, which means that a lot of users have come back to suppose standard Google apps like Maps, YouTube, Gmail, and also the Chrome browser.

While these apps won’t disappear from user’s phones, Huawei house owners might not (or for abundant longer) be ready to use Google’s Play services to receive updates.

Over the past year, the US Government – and specifically president Donald Trump – has adult more and more hostile towards the Chinese manufacturer, citing considerations over security because of its shut links to the Chinese government and military.

Further confusion was caused once Trump looked as if it would say that though the restrictions on managing Huawei were because of it being a security threat, they may be removed as associate incentive throughout negotiations around a trade modify the Chinese government.